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Haircare In China Get The Detail Report At ResearchMoz.us - June 2013

Researchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on "Haircare - China - June 2013". The report focuses primarily on quantitative market metrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution.

Chinese consumers are becoming richer. Higher income, lower savings, and broader prosperity have led to more purchasing power. At the same time people are also becoming more demanding. But those brands able to offer the best combination of products tailored to the right occasion will gain a bigger share of savvy consumers’ wallets. Brands need to pay more attentions to smaller cities. Marketing and communication campaign should also be differentiated based on people’s gender, income and cities of residence.

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Shampoo and conditioners
Hair colourants
Hair styling agents

Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: China hair care market forecast, total value sales 2008-18
Figure 2: China hair care market by segments 2008-2018
Companies and brands
Figure 3: China hair care market, retail market share by company type, 2012
The consumer
Figure 4: Frequency of using hair care products overall, February 2013
Figure 5: Current hair and scalp problems, February 2013
Attitudes vary by gender
Figure 6: Current hair and scalp problems, by gender, February 2013
Up-selling to the higher income groups
Figure 7: Frequency of using hair care products, by monthly personal income, February 2013
City-specific solutions

The Market
Key points
Hair care market overview
Figure 8: The China hair care market, value sales 2008-18
Figure 9: China consumer price index during January 2010 Jan-2013 Jan
Segmentation – Shampoo and conditioner dominate
Figure 10: The China hair care market, by segment, 2008-18
Hair care market forecast– A new chapter for growth
Figure 11: The China hair care market forecast chart, total value sales 2008-18
Shampoo and conditioner forecast – Looking for a healthier scalp
Figure 12: The China hair shampoo and conditioner market forecast chart, value sales 2008-18
Hair colourant forecast – Targeting different demographics
Figure 13: The China hair colourant market forecast chart, value sales 2008-18
Hair styling forecast – Styling for a competitive edge in business
Figure 14: The China hair styling market forecast chart, value sales 2008-18
Figure 15: The launch post of GQ China in October 2009 coined the phrase “new Chinese gentlemen”, 2009
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